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“Carbon sinks in Europe: stakeholders taking action to bring out the next solutions for carbon neutrality” – 5 September 2023, Brussels

7 septembre 2023

The French Energy Research Alliance (ANCRE), in partnership with the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), is delighted to invite you to this conference.

5 September 2023
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Maison Irène et Frédéric Joliot Curie
100 rue du Trône – 1050 Brussels

Carbon sinks are indispensable to reaching the European Union’s net zero emissions target by 2050. Based on the recent Ancre Alliance’s carbon sink position paper, and with the support of EERA, this seminar aims to share knowledge on natural and technological carbon sink solutions and identify priority actions at the European level.

8:45/9:00 Welcome / Coffee

9:15  Introduction   

1. Welcome by Pierre Franck Chevet, CEO IFPEN, President of ANCRE  (10’) – PDF file            
2. Alexandre Paquot, DG CLIMA Director Innovation For A Low Carbon, Resilient Economy, DG CLIMA’s vision: situation, solutions, institutional decisions  (25’)              
3. Daphné Lorne, IFPEN & ANCRE task leader, ANCRE position paper: ”What roles for research to enhance carbon sinks development in France?”  (15’) – PDF file

10:15 – 11:15  Round Table 1: How to preserve carbon sinks in natural areas?

Preservation/knowledge of carbon sinks in totally or predominantly natural areas (natural habitats, protected areas, aquatic ecosystems, etc.).
This round table devoted to the “preservation/knowledge of carbon sinks in totally or predominantly natural areas” will take stock of the understanding of bio-geochemical mechanisms, of the knowledge of natural flows and will anticipate their evolution. It will also look at what additional political measures are needed given the current state of play.
Moderator : Monique Axelos, INRAE & ANCRE – PDF file

1. Nicolas Viovy, CEA & LSCE – Climate and Environment Sciences Laboratory & ANCRE, Terrestrial natural areas environment as carbon sinks (incl. ANCRE’s results)  (12’) – PDF file
2. Guillaume Soulet, IFREMER & ANCRE, Aquatics environment as carbon sinks (incl. ANCRE’s results)  (12’) – PDF file
3. Liselotte Jensen, Policy analyst in the European Parliamentary Research Service’s unit on Climate Action and Research Tracking (EPRS CART), Certification framework for carbon removals  (12’) – PDF file

Debate with the room (20’)
11:15 – 11:30 Coffee Break

11:30 – 12:45  Round Table 2: How to harness the potential of biomass-based solutions for carbon removal?

Actions to deploy carbon stocking practices through biomass management (in agriculture, forestry, urban areas, industrial wastelands, other anthropised areas, etc.).
This round table devoted to “actions to deploy new sinks via biomass” will attempt to take stock of the available stocks and to identify actions with high potential for storing carbon and CO2, such as carbon farming. It will also look at what political measures are needed at European level to encourage and support these actions.
Moderator: Jack Legrand, CNRS, Nantes Université & ANCRE – PDF file

1. Nicola Di Virgilio, DG AGRI – Policy officer at EU Commission DG Agriculture and Rural Development, Unit B2 Environmental sustainability, Role of agriculture / new practices to increase carbon storage  (12’) – PDF file       
2. Philippe Delacote, INRAE, environmental economist, the Climate Economics Chair, EFI’s Report: Forest-based climate change mitigation and adaptation in Europe  (12’) – PDF file
3. Pierre Faure, CNRS & GISFI, Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Continental Environments & ANCRE, Carbon sinks from re-naturalisation of urban environments (ANCRE’s results)  (12’) – PDF file    
4. David Chiaramonti, Politecnico Torino, RE-CORD – Professor of Energy Economics, and Bioeconomy, Return to soil of biochar co-product  (12’) – PDF file

Debate with the room (20′)
12:45 – 14:00 Networking Lunch

14:00 – 15:15  Round Table 3: How to enhance carbon capture actions, industrial processes, geological storage and long-term storage solutions

The most practical solutions of atmospheric and biogenic carbon capture and storage (industrial pathways, geological reservoirs, long-life materials, etc.).
This round table is devoted to “carbon capture actions, the industrial sectors, geological storage and long-term storage deployment of new sinks via biomass”. It will deal with national and EU potential, technical issues, scenarios, roadmap and political measures.
Moderator: Adel El Gammal, GS EERA – PDF file 

1. Jeroen Schuppers, DG RTD, Deputy Head for Advanced Energy Production, Role of European research to achieve Net Zero emissions. For 3 TR subjects: Knowledge projects, future call. Way of cooperation  (12’) – PDF file
2. Florent Guillou, IFPEN, Carbon Capture Project Manager, Potential and challenge of (non-fossil) carbon capture technologies (12’) – PDF file 
3. Christiane Hennig, IEA Bioenergy, Task 40 leader, IEA Bioenergy work program on bioenergy and negative emissions  (12’) – PDF file
4. Aïcha El Khamlichi, ADEME, prospective on energy and bio-based solutions, “Carbon sinks in Net zero emission scenarios in the French Report “Transition(s) 2050” (20’) – PDF file      

Debate with the room (20’)

15:15 – 15:30  Conclusion: How to bring the workforce up to speed for the transition to a low-carbon economy? Recommendations / Action for research and new competences.
Guillaume Boissonnet, CEA & ANCRE – PDF file